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Room Hire T&C

1. All therapists must be fully qualified, insured, and registered with relevant governing bodies.

2. Any proposed changes to the existing format of a therapy must first be discussed with Susan Koten, proprietor.


3. One months notice either side is required in writing to terminate your contract.

4. Rent is payable monthly, in advance and is non-refundable. The room is retained for your exclusive use during your sessions.

5. The rooms may only be used during the hours which have been agreed and booked.

6. Therapists hiring by the hour or for short blocks e.g. day, afternoon etc must pay in advance or on booking and/or on commencement of the room hire. Payment is by cash or cheque.

7. Failure to pay on time for rental will constitute immediate termination of the arrangement.

8. The therapist/hirer is responsible for the conduct of their clients.

9. The therapist/hirer is responsible for the condition of the room during their occupation and must ensure that it is left in a clean, tidy condition. Articles may not be fixed to the wall without prior arrangement with the proprietor.

10. All couches and equipment used must be cleared and folded away as other practitioners may use the same room after you.

11. All waste materials e.g. acupuncture needles, used couch roll etc must be disposed of in the correct way. There are sharps boxes and yellow sacks for proper disposal of waste materials. Each therapist is responsible for their own waste.

12. It is the responsibility of the therapist/hirer, when leaving their room to ensure all windows are closed and locked and lights turned out. Any fans/heaters/equipment also to be turned off. Shut the centre door securely behind you when leaving.

13. Practitioners are responsible for letting their clients in and out of the building . The outer clinic door must remain closed properly at all times. 14. The Willow Herbal Centre does not supply/provide towels for your clients.

15. Food may not be consumed in the therapy rooms without prior permission. There is a kitchen area for making drinks on the ground floor.

16. No smoking or alcohol is permitted within the centre.

17. We regret, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred in the therapy rooms, or from outside the premises.

18. Children must be kept under strict supervision both inside and outside of these premises.

19. If you wish to make changes to days and times worked or equipment that needs to be bought in or moved, you must first clear this with Susan Koten, proprietor.

20. When using the kitchen area, please ensure you wash up and put away your cups , leaving it clean and tidy.

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